Life is not perfect, but your nails can be

Maybe you’ve mastered the perfect manicure technique at your home. Or maybe you keep your weekly meeting at the salon. If you don’t know why nails are scratched, even those made at the salon, you should read the recommendations below. It is a crucial step that many of us do not take into account and is the greatest enemy of exfoliated nails: we do not use a quality top coat. Of course, there are other factors that contribute to thinning and crushing the nail polish, from dishwashing, to cutting vegetables to chlorine in the water of the swimming pool. But a top layer of top quality makes the difference. Why do you have to buy a good top coat even if you do your nails at the manicure salon?

Because at home you’ll need to keep the manicure. Every few days apply a thin top coat to the nail. In this way you will keep the manicure impeccable longer and you will not have to go to the salon a week. This trick is also true in case of semi-permanent manicure.

When I make my nails home and I want to look like those made in beauty salon, with that glitter of gel nails, I use top coat OPI. At 2-3 days I apply it again to the nails to make it look like it’s just done. So, once the bottle opens, I only use the one from OPI until I finish it, so as not to waste anything.

opi top coat

If you like a matte effect on nails, I recommend top coat from Melkior Professional. I read a lot of positive reviews about the Melkior product range. It doesn’t cost much, so it can be tried without much financial effort. Plus, Melkior has exciting promotions every week.

nails with top coat

These were the quality top coat recommendations that you can order online, the best top coats that I personally recommend. If you want to be up to date with news, but especially where to buy online with good prices, I invite you to like my Facebook Page. Happy Shopping!

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