Pink, purple, gray or blue hair? Here are the hair colors of 2018

You could paint your hair in a classic golden blonde this summer, at Shailene Woodley or as Gigi Hadid. Or you could choose the black chocolate touch sensation, like Lucy Hale. But summer is the season of adventures and I’m not just talking about traveling/destinations and exotic sports, but also about this aspect. As we are on vacation we can experience the effects of a new shade of hair dye or a temporary tattoo. Stars are the perfect example for those who want to see what color shades are in trend this summer and then test them. Prepare to see everywhere blonde hair, but also platinum, with cold subton, rich brown, reddish or brunette with warm reflections. However, crazy colors are still in fashion in 2018.

The shadow hair (ombre) is still among the most popular trend in 2018. The reason? It looks great on any hair, is easy to care for and can be worn for a long time after changing the look – the more hair grows, the better it looks. But if you want something more than that, you can choose color combinations such as: blond-pink, blond-green, blond-purple, pink-blue. I have selected some representative images and I hope to help you find your inspiration for your future look. Summer is the season of change, so I recommend you to meet all your desires!

hair colors 1

hair colors 6

hair colors 5

hair colors 10

hair colors 8

hair colors 9

hair colors 4

hair colors 16

hair colors 2

hair colors 14

hair colors 15

hair colors 7

hair colors 3

hair colors 11

Many modern women like to change hairstyle and hair color. It’s known, changing the haircut is an excellent anti-stress therapy. So if it seems to you that something is wrong in your life, change your hair color and you will see everything will change for the better!

These are the colors of hair wearing in summer 2018. What do you think about them, do you like it?

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